Ooyala Flex 5.5.2 Release Notes 2017-07-17

Components/Updates required

  • Master
  • Playout
  • Transfer
  • Index
  • Job Nodes
  • Reviewer

Issues Fixed

Publish to Backlot doesn’t work from Azure Blob storage

When publishing to Backlot from an asset stored in Azure, users found that publish never completes.

Resolution: We have implemented changes to read inputstream until the buffer is full.

Import and copy doesn’t work on Azure

When configuring an import action that imports a file from Azure and moves it to a different Azure container, users found that the file was imported and moved correctly, but the file location string that Flex stores was incorrect. It referenced the source container location, and not the destination container. This meant that all subsequent actions on that would fail.

Resolution: The issue was related to copying the private property for the file system (bucket, key, etc) from the URL to the resource mapped to that URL in Flex. This issue has now been fixed.

Storage Resources not recognising files with Arabic characters in names

Users found that files whose names contain non-latin characters (In this case Arabic) were not recognised.

Resolution: Storage resources now recognise Arabic characters in filenames.

Hot folders do not pick up files which have umlauts in the filename

Users found that hot folders would not pick up files if they contained certain characters, in particular umlauts.

Resolution:  Hot folders now pick up files with umlauts in the filename.

Changing UDOT parent doesn’t work correctly

Two issues were identified:

  1. Users were unable to change the parent in the UDOT hierarchies.  A problem with the addChildObject method had been identified. The method was only updating the root parent of the current object and not all of its children.

Resolution: Changes have been made to the code, so that a new root parent is set for the object being added, as well as to all the objects in its downward hierarchy.

  1. Some of the data was duplicated, and some of the data was missing, meaning some of the root parents were wrong and some of the indexes were also wrong.

Resolution: The data has been analysed, and a script has been created which corrects the relationship instance ID, root parent, and index.

Workflows not triggering when filename contains utf-8 characters

Import workflows were not being triggered, if filenames contained utf-8 characters (Japanese / Chinese / Tamil) whilst using the Web Transfer module.

Resolution: This has now been fixed, and the workflows are now being triggered.

Backlot fails to publish

Backlot was failing to publish assets. When the publish job was retried, this would also fail.

When a publish job was run for the first time all chunks (133) would upload successfully. After the chunks had been uploaded, Ooyala Flex would make a call to Backlot, in order to put the asset in an “uploaded” state. Backlot would then throw an internal server error.

When users attempted to retry the same job again, it would try to skip the input stream with (chunksize * 133) bytes. An IndexOutOfBoundsException error would then occur, because the file input stream would skip the bytes that were out of range.

Resolution: To fix the IndexOutOfBoundsException error, we have implemented a solution that skips the uploading chunks step, if all the chunks have already been uploaded to Backlot.

What’s New

Backlot HTTP Re-publish

We have added a new configuration option to the Backlot HTTP Re-publish action plugin. This option supports the replacement of media files. If the Yes option is selected, then media files will be replaced. If the No option is selected, then media files will not be replaced.