Ooyala Flex 5.5.1 Release Notes 2017-06-15

What’s New

Roles and Permissions

A new permission has been added to the Permissions section in Core. This permission is called “View Technical Details” and it falls under the Assets subsection.  If this permission is selected, a user can view the File Information tab in both Core and MAM.

If a user doesn’t have this permission selected,  the File Information tab will not be present in Core or MAM.

Multiple Values Label in Web Transfer

If you have uploaded multiple assets in Web Transfer, and certain metadata fields contain different values for different assets, then in the Upload window, these fields display the label. The fields affected are as follows:

  • Multi-option
  • Multiplicity
  • Password
  • File
  • Image
  • Key/Value
  • Timecode

Support for Integration with Vidchecker 7.1.5

Ooyala Flex now supports Vidchecker 7.1.5 from 5.5.1 onwards. With the support of Vidchecker 7.1.5, there is a change in the WSDL URL. The URL for 7.1.5 is as follows: /4/PublicService.svc?singlewsdl

Note: The WSDL URL changes with each new version of Vidchecker. It is important to ensure that you have the correct URL for the version of Vidchecker you intend to use.


We have added a new query parameter (context) to the following endpoints:

  • api/actions
  • api/resources
  • /api/workflowDefinitions
  • /api/metadataDefinitions
  • /api/taskDefinitions

This query parameter enables you to retrieve a list of objects with references. For example: if you wanted to retrieve a list of task definitions with references, you would do the following /api/taskDefinitions?context=reference.

With the addition of this new query parameter, we have deprecated the references endpoint for the action and task definition object types in the REST API from 5.5.1 onwards. 

Previously,  you could retrieve a list of references for a specific object using a dedicated references endpoint. For example:  api/actions{actionId}/references

DIVArchive Video Restore

The DIVArchive Video Restore plugin gives you the ability to either restore a whole video, or perform a partial restore on a video that is currently in archive.

When performing a partial restore, you must specify an in timecode and an out timecode in the configuration for the plugin, as shown below:

Note: This plugin falls under the Restore Archive sub-type.

Note: This is a distinctly different plugin to the Restore Archive plugin. The Restore plugin is a file restore.

Non-object Event Queries

From now on, in the Recent Activity panel of every tab in the console UI ( Desktop, Assets, Jobs, Workflows etc.) the system will display events up to 24 hours only, by default.