Ooyala Flex 5.1.11 Release Notes 2017-03-21

Issues Fixed

Image transcode doesn’t resize

Users set up an image transcode job and wanted to resize images with a fixed width in the profile. However, when they ran this job on a PNG image, the output file stayed the same width and height as the source file.

Resolution: We have set the appropriate metadata query for width and changed the condition. Images are now resizing correctly.

Performance issues with editing / saving large metadata instances

Users had some very large metadata instances, with over 1500 fields. They found that loading, editing, and saving these instances was very slow. Ooyala Flex also presented an error when users tried to save these fields.

Resolution: We ran some tests in which we saved large metadata instances. We found one method (compare metadata instance) that took approximately 2400 milliseconds to save. So we have put changes in place that have improved this. It now takes take 80 milliseconds instead.

Job submission implementation

Job submission implementation / method from Ooyala Flex to Amberfin ICR AutoQC was causing issues with manual watch folders.

Resolution: We have created a workaround that rolls back to the original template via another call. To test and provide backward compatibility, we have introduced a flag in the configuration for  Quality Control actions called Reset Template. If this is specified, then we will roll back to the original template.

Elemental transcode with HLS profile shows as “failed”

Users found that Elemental transcodes with a HLS profile were showing as “failed” despite  the fact they were completing successfully on Elemental server.

Resolution: This is now working as expected.

What’s New

Support for MPEG-DASH if ‘emit single file’ is set in Elemental Server

The code for Elemental transcode was not able to handle transcoded files properly for HLS profiles when multiple streams were specified in Elemental Profile.

Resolution: We have now made the code generic, so that it can handle other profiles. We have also made a change to ElementalProfileType.java enum in order to specify properties related to new profiles.