Ooyala Flex 5.4.0 Release Notes 2017-01-27

Components/Updates required

  • Master
  • Publish
  • Transfer
  • Index
  • Job Nodes
  • Reviewer
  • Stream Processor

Upgrade Instructions

When upgrading to 5.4.0, there is a new Key Value that must be taken into consideration. This is as follows:


What’s New in 5.4.0

Tag Service (New): This service is a small node.js service that manages the addition and deletion of tags that have been applied to Assets in MAM. It saves and retrieves those tags from MongoDB and then publishes the addition and deletion of those tags to RabbitMQ.

Image Proxy Service (New): This service enables images in MAM to be resized to a given width and height in accordance with where they are being viewed.

Index Service (Updated): The Index service now has the facility to reindex the whole system at once.

Note: Re-indexing of all indices is required for this service.

Stream Processor (Updated): The Flex Stream Processor is now able to transcode media files located in an S3 bucket. When running transcode operations against a file in S3, it is streamed to the Flex Stream Processor, and then transcoded to the local file system. If the transcode output is targeting an S3 destination, the file will be moved to S3 once the transcode is completed. This is required, since some output formats may require post-processing before the transcode is complete (e.g. MP4 fast start). For this reason a Flex Stream Processor instance must have a sufficient file storage capacity to hold the transcoded file until it is moved back to S3.

MAM: Image Support

You can now upload and manage Image Assets in MAM. A variety of formats are supported including:

  • JPEG
  • JPEG 2000
  • EXIF
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • PDF

You can collaborate with your colleagues, by posting comments against the whole Image, as well as annotating against a specific part of an Image Asset.

MAM: Clip and Edit Support

MAM now enables you to perform rough edits on your Media Assets. You can create Clips out of your existing Assets, rearrange those Clips into a sequence, and then run a workflow which can render it into an new Asset and publish to multiple destinations.

The Edit functionality consists of two stages:

  1. Clipping Mode: An interface which is optimised for you to view and extract Clips from one or more of your Media Assets and store in the Edit mode.

  2. Edit Mode: An interface which is optimised to organize Clips into a sequence. You then have the ability to run custom configuration/functionality, such as stitching the clips to form a new asset and publishing to multiple destinations.

MAM: Task Player

When you click on a task in the Tasks pane, you can now view the Asset associated with that task using a Player.

MAM: Collections

There is a new way to create Collections. Alternately, you can now create a Collection by clicking the + icon on the Collections Carousel.

MAM: Tag and Annotation Search

When you enter a tag or annotation (such as a timecoded comment) against an Asset, this is indexed and made searchable.

MAM: Partial and Exact Searches

MAM now supports exact and partial matching in searches. You can use boolean operators to help narrow down or widen your searches.

Note: All of the operators listed below can be used in combination with one another.

Boolean operators for exact exact matches:

Boolean Operator Example
“” (exact term) “Movie Poster”

Boolean operators for partial matches:

Boolean Operator Example
+ (and) Movie + Poster
* (partial term) pos*
I (or) Movie


New REST API endpoints have been introduced for the 5.4.0 release.

MAM Related Endpoints:

These endpoints give you the ability to:

  • Post an annotation against an Image Asset.
  • Retrieve a list of all existing annotations in an environment.
  • Update an existing annotation.
  • Delete an existing annotation.
Resource Endpoint Method
Assets: /annotations Get / Post
Assets: /annotations/{annotationId} Get / Put / Delete

Core Related Endpoints:

We have added some new methods to some of our pre-existing endpoints. This includes the ability to perform post and put requests on Quotas, Task Definitions, and Wizards.

Resource Endpoint Method
Quotas: /quotas Post
Quotas: /quotas/{quotaId} Put
Task Definitions: /taskDefinitions Post
Task Definitions: /taskDefinitions/{taskDefinitionId} Put
Wizards: /wizards Post
Wizards: /wizards{wizardId} Put

Support for Vantage 7.0

Ooyala Flex 5.4.0 now supports Vantage 7.0 alongside Vantage 6.3.

Support for Vidchecker 7.0.9

Ooyala Flex 5.4.0 now supports Vidchecker 7.0.9 alongside Vidchecker  6.2.3

Enhancements to Backlot HTTP Publish Action

  • Support for allocating sub-labels during publishing. This is achieved by entering the label value with / to separate the labels. For example: topLabel/subLabel/subSubLabel .
  • The default behaviour has been changed so that the Asset ID is set as the External ID by default.
  • Support for storing the embed code as a Workflow or Job variable.

Removal of Old FTP Transfer Plugins

  • The ‘Inbox’ and ‘FTP Transfer’ plugins have been removed.
  • The Inbox V2 plugin has been renamed ‘Inbox’.
  • The ‘Http Transfer’ plugin has been renamed ‘HTTP Transfer’.

Note: Systems using the FTP Transfer plugins will need to be reconfigured.

Support for VFS Location in Default Touch Command

We have added support for VFS location in the Default Touch Action.

Events:  Support for Definition IDs for Jobs, Workspaces, and Tasks

Ooyala Flex now supports correlation IDs in Events for Jobs, Workflows, and Task Instances.

Known Issues


  • Image Zoom bar does not refresh when an Image Asset is resized.
  • Image support:  Reference Name is not displayed.
  • Fit to screen shortcut is not available.
  • Sequences are not playing correctly in MAM.
  • Image Support is not currently available for Group Assets
  • You cannot create a Collection whilst in list view on the See All page.

Player V4 Plugin

A new Player Definition plugin has been created. This player definition plugin enables you to create a Player V4 player in Ooyala Flex.


Below is a list of our services with the current versions:

Service Version Required Instructions
flex-admin-app 2.0.46
flex-authentication-service 7.2.28
flex-divarchive-service 2.1.62
flex-events-service 2.1.11
flex-fastobject-service 3.2.51
flex-imageproxy-service 2.1.66 A new Consuk Key Value is required: flex/shared/urls/flex-imageproxy-service
flex-indexelastic-service 4.7.589 Re-indexing of all indices required
flex-mam-app 2.1.1576
flex-metadatadesigner-app 2.0.60
flex-metadatamerge-service 2.2.80
flex-outboundtransfer-service 2.0.21
flex-publish-service 8.1.44 A new consul Key Value is required for player v4 support:flex/flex-publish-service/playerV4/url: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable
flex-reviewer-app 2.0.379
flex-searchelastic-service 4.1.54
flex-streamprocessor-service 1.1.64 Added support for S3 streamed transcoding.
flex-tag-service 1.0.226
flex-webtransfer-app 6.0.334
flex-workflowdesigner-app 7.0.13