Ooyala Flex 5.1.9 SR1 Release Notes 2017-01-13

Components/Updates required

  • Master
  • Playout
  • Transfer
  • Index
  • Job Nodes
  • Reviewer

What’s New

Ability to Specify a Timeout in S3 Client

We have added support for request timeouts in the S3 resource. This is done using the following system property: tv.nativ.mio.S3.client.timeout. You must set this property in seconds.

Note: If you do not specify a value in seconds, it will default to 600 seconds automatically.

Ability to Perform Parallel Uploads in S3

The code has been updated to enable parallel uploads to S3 from local files (Web Upload). This works for the Copy Action as well as for a local file. (For example, this would work for a Storage Resource configured within a local drive).

In relation to this, we have added two new JVM system properties, which specify the configuration values in the S3 Upload Library.

These are as follows:


This indicates the size in MB for each file part to upload to S3. This has a default value of 20 MB. If you do not specify a value, it will default to 20 MB automatically.


This property indicates a number of threads in the S3 Upload thread executor service. This has a default value of 5 threads.  If you do not specify a value, it will default to 5 threads automatically.