Ooyala Flex 5.1.9 Release Notes 2017-01-06

Components/Updates required

  • Master
  • Playout
  • Transfer
  • Index
  • Job Nodes
  • Reviewer

Issues Fixed

A Delete Job is Failing

A Delete Job would run, but would not complete successfully.

Resolution: Technical Support found that the Job was failing, because the file that the Job was attempting to delete, didn’t exist. If a Delete Job attempts to delete a file that doesn’t exist, it will automatically fail.

Unable to Create a Series

An error message was present when attempting to create a new Series.

Resolution: This issue has now been resolved, by configuring the connection-ttl  to -1. A new Series can now be created successfully.

Dead Letter Queue

Dead letter queue was always full.

Resolution: This issue has now been resolved by configuring the connection-ttl  to -1.

Link from Email Notifications for Series Information Not in Log In Page

When a User is not logged into Ooyala Flex, the link contained in email notifications that displays “You can find the new series here.” did not take you to the login page.

Resolution: To resolve this, we have added a new type “series” in web.xml.

Two Import Workflows Triggered from One Webupload

Two Import Workflows were being triggered, despite there only being a single web upload being carried out.

Resolution: To fix this, we have implemented a change that will ensure the callbacks from Web Transfer will only be sent to Enterprise if the file is still in progress. If the file was uploaded in the meantime, then the failed callbacks will be ignored.

Enhancements to SQL Searches

An issue was present when trying to search for Assets in the Ooyala Flex Core UI, in which filename matching was broken. To remedy this, we have updated the search criteria under the General Options and added two new fields “Id” & " Name” along with the UI of General Options.

What’s New

Hot Folder: Support for Reading Block Count When Mounting via CIFS

We can check whether the protocol is FILE and the server is running on Linux (this library doesn’t support Windows) then we can use this library to get the block count and use it to determine whether file copy is in progress or not.

YouTube HTTP V3 Publish and Unpublish Actions

New Publish and Unpublish Actions have been created for the YouTube V3 API. These plugins enable you to publish Assets to YouTube and Unpublish them from YouTube. These are:

  • Publish to YouTube HTTP V3
  • Unpublish to YouTube HTTP V3

YouTube HTTP V3 Publish can be found here: http://help.ooyala.com/media-logistics/flex/dev/51/action_plugins_51_publish.html

YouTube HTTP V3 Unpublish can be found here: http://help.ooyala.com/media-logistics/flex/dev/51/action_plugins_51_unpublish.html

Note: These plugins have been created because Google has terminated their V2 APIs. This means that the V2 version of these plugins no longer work.

Support Elemental Cloud Transcodes

We have added a new Transcode Engine “Elemental Cloud” when creating a Transcode Profile and Transcode Resource. This will assume that input and output files are located or staged to S3 storage before the `Transcode Job is executed.

Outbound Transfer: External Copy Using SFTP Protocol is not Working

This was configuration change issue. We have mounted the same volume as Enterprise has in OT.  This volume is one at which a private key file will created. After this mount, OT is also able to access that location which fixed this issue.