Dalet Flex 2021.5.0 (LTS) Release Notes

Dalet is excited to present the May 2021 release of Dalet Flex 2021.5.0.

This release of Dalet Flex provides the new features, quality and security enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes listed below.

Flex 2021.5 is an LTS (Long Term Supported) release track and will receive both critical bug fix updates and security updates until it reaches end-of-life.

Dalet Flex Platform

New Features

BlackPearl integration

Dalet Flex is now a certified Rio Broker client. Dalet will continue to support and make improvements to the plugin in future releases.

Save draft workflow definitions

Flex now provides the ability to save a workflow definition as a draft. Draft workflow definitions will not be used when launching new workflows, rather Flex will refer to the latest deployed version of the workflow definition.

When editing a workflow definition, users can choose between “Save” and “Save and Deploy” to either save a draft or save a new version to be used in subsequent workflow executions.

User and group role inheritance

Flex now supports inheriting permissions assigned at the user group level. If a user is a member of multiple user groups, they will inherit the aggregated list of permissions from all their groups plus the permissions directly assigned to their user.

Please note that the “Upload” permission assigned at the user group level is not currently respected in the FlexMAM. For now, please assign this permission directly to the user’s role rather than their group. This is a known issue which will be addressed in a future release.

Resource tagging

We’ve added the ability to add tags to resources to improve ease of maintenance and readability of configuration within Flex. This is especially useful when defining workflow logic to be reused across accounts. For example, an import workflow can be defined in the root account, but the actual storage resource that gets used can be different for each account that launches the workflow. Resources can have one or more tags and support the use of spring expressions for the tags to be evaluated at runtime.

Flex Satellite Nodes for distributed deployments

Flex services can now be deployed across multiple datacentres or cloud regions. A central Flex environment can send instructions to distributed Flex services to run remotely, starting with the File Processor (FFP) and Stream Processor (FSP) Services. Enabling these services for distributed deployment allows for file operations (e.g. hashing, tar-ing) and media processing (e.g. proxy creation, technical metadata extraction) without first transferring large assets back to the central Flex environment.

New Move and Copy workflow actions

New move and copy actions have been created for this release. The new actions are now based on the Flex Job Execution Framework (JEF) allowing for improved performance and compatibility with Flex Satellite Nodes. These should be used in place of the existing, legacy, move and copy actions.

Flex Premiere Panel deprecation

The Flex Premiere Panel has been deprecated in favour of the new FlexXTEND Adobe Panel. This will be the last release of Flex Premiere Panel; it will be removed in the next release.

Limits on Quota of Concurrent Workflows (new for 2021.5.1)

To provide better control over resource usage, Flex now allows you to limit the number of concurrently running workflows. You can define these quotas for the number of concurrent workflows per account type:

This quota Specifies…..
Total concurrent workflows assigned at root account level The total number of workflows that can be executing concurrently in a tenant account. The limit is set by the platform administrators in the master account. To avoid deadlock scenarios, sub workflows are not included in this quota.
Concurrent workflows of a specific type at root account level A quota on a workflow that is defined in the master account and shared to all accounts. A system administrator can set the number of concurrent workflow instances of a given workflow definition that are allowed for a given tenant account.
Concurrent workflows of a specific type at account level A quota on a workflow that is defined in a tenant account. An account administrator can set the number of concurrent workflow instances of a given workflow definition that are allowed to execute.

Support for STL Subtitles (new for 2021.5.1)

Support has been added in FMP to import STL subtitles and convert to them SRT, WebVTT, and TTML formats while dropping the styling info. Subtitle files can be imported, associated to a parent asset, converted to a compatible format, and then played back in FMP. Future releases will contain more functionality.

Improvements in Advanced Search in Flex Core UI and APIs (new for 2021.5.1)

Advanced searches performed in Flex Core UI has been improved. The Enterprise search is now powered by Flex Query Language (FQL) as used in Flex MAM.

Due to the evolution of our architecture (particularly, moving metadata from MariaDB to ArangoDB, for scalability), the traditional searching APIs on Flex Core (as used in both the Flex Core UI and, for example, the Groovy script SDK), had to evolve away from just searching MariaDB, if metadata criteria and/or free text searching was requested by the query.

  • Our initial implementation of this was relatively simple, generating and performing an FQL search just for the metadata or free text components of the search, and then postprocessing the result set with any other filter criteria in a MariaDB query. As a result, certain combinations of search criteria could erroneously return zero results (e.g. if the first page of results from the FQL search all end up being post-processed away).
  • The new implementation translates the majority of criteria - not just the metadata and free text components - into an FQL query. As a result minimal postprocessing is performed and the result sets are more reliable.

Mandatory Account Storage (new for 2021.5.1)

From Release 2021.5.1, Account Storage is mandatory for account files/images (User/UDO/Report template/Theme images) for all accounts including master account. The Consul KV accountFileVfsEnabled has also been removed.

For an existing installation, if the migration script was not run before, it must be run now as part of this release.

Vantage plugin upgrade (new for 2021.5.2)

The Flex Vantage plugin has been upgraded to support the latest version of Vantage and make use of the Flex Job Execution Framework (JEF) including a new Vantage Workflow Resource, and new Launch Vantage Workflow action plugin. The Flex integration supports intelligent retry capability, ability to cancel, restart, and monitor progress of Vantage workflows, workflow variables, multiple input assets, and import of media produced by Vantage.

Note: the integration currently supports Flex FILE assets, with additional VFS protocols coming in a future release.


New Features

Search Experience

The ability to set operators and conditions in search within FlexMAM has been improved.

Search chips can now be refined with the following conditions (where appropriate): contains, is, is not, starts with, ends with, is empty, is not empty.

Groups of search chips are now colour coded to be more explicit. Users can also update operators between search filter chips that are already on the search bar.

Chips belonging to the same key (for example “Type is Video” and “Type is Image”), and taxons from the same structure will be grouped together automatically. Operators can then be changed between each group to further configure search.

Saved searches can now be shared using ACL permissions. Shared saved searches can now be found under the “Shared Searches” menu item allowing users a clearer view of their saved searches.

Thesaurus (new for 2021.5.1)

Thesaurus support enables users to map related terms within Metadata Designer. Within FlexMAM, the user can then use the Thesaurus when searching assets and when filling in metadata forms.

For search, when the user starts typing in the typeahead, they are presented with a list of matching terms that they can then choose from. This works for both searching with filter chips in advanced search, as well as table column headers. Use the Thesaurus icon to open the Thesaurus suggestion panel to find alternative related terms to use.

For metadata forms, when the user makes a selection for a field, a suggestion panel of related terms will appear, allowing them to select from the list.

Caps, spaces, and special characters can all be used within thesaurus terms.

Multiple Audio Tracks Selection and UX Improvements (new for 2021.5.1)

From Flex release 2021.5.1, you can individually select which track is enabled and previewed when you open an asset, (with HLS format), in the Manage Asset page. You can select single or multiple tracks to preview to create a mix of audio tracks directly in FlexMAM. For backward compatibility, you can disable multiple track selection whenever required. This functionality is supported for up to 16 audio tracks.

To simplify managing audio tracks, you can rename audio track names easily and you can expand/reduce the width of the audio tracks label area by simply dragging the separator between the label area and the track. Drag the playhead through an asset to change its position and the progress bar on the player jumps to the same position.

Navigate easily between waveform and clips view using the Timeline and ClipBin menu tabs above the audio tracks.

Bulk Update of Markers (new for 2021.5.1)

Improvements have been made to the way you bulk update metadata in FlexMAM. FlexMAM now supports bulk update of metadata on markers. You can use Ctrl + click to select multiple markers and then use the Edit Metadata Quick Action to perform a bulk update of marker metadata.

For all other asset types, the Quick Action menu is available whenever you select multiple assets in any listing, not just in the Bulk Assets screen. The Edit Metadata quick action can be used to bulk update metadata for all asset types.



Enhancements in Dalet Flex

  • To remove unrelated search results, a free text search makes non-wildcard free text queries always use the AND operator and not the OR operator
  • Support configuring S3 resource with a direct AWS Cloud Connect URL
  • Get metadata response call returns the enabled/disabled tag for tag and taxon
  • Flex Web Uploader supports uploading XML files (brought back lost functionality)
  • “Keep technical metadata” option in “Purge file only action” updated to Keep Technical Detail and Markers
  • Skip workspace check set to true when performing a Bulk Action to cancel multiple workflows
  • Searchelastic: All date and date/time values retrieved in a search are in ISO8601 format
  • Support (optionally) specifying user timezone in search requests. All results are returned in UTC.
  • Events generated by Taxonomy Service for taxon rename/enable/ disable have been fixed to correctly indicate the change. When a taxon is enabled/disabled, all of the taxons are enabled/disabled underneath it (at the lower levels) and an event is generated for each taxon.
  • When a taxon is renamed or enabled/disabled, all documents in ES which reference that taxon are found and updated accordingly
  • Add expected vs actual output format and stream duration checks to sequence and stitch jobs
  • Taxonomy pagination implementation reverted

Fixed Issues in Dalet Flex

  • Fixed issue of JEF Copy/Move failing on media asset (2021.5.3) by setting Consul KV - flex/flex-fileproccessor-service/enableUsageMeteringStats = false
  • Fixed issue where wizard trigger object was not supplied as a workflow variable when asset has ACL set
  • Fixed an issue that it was impossible to delete a Metadata Timeline that was associated to an asset that had been deleted
  • Fixed an issue where Publish to Facebook failed with Java out of memory error
  • Fixed issue where Start time code is not available for AS02 package on player by adding startTime/startTimecode in format, video and audio stream context for get asset API call on AS02 assets
  • Fixed an issue where import jobs were failing because of mis-identification of DPX files by Mediainfo
  • Fixed an issue where getMioObjectListVariable throws an NPE if variable does not exist
  • Fixed issue where the Timezone set in Enterprise for a user was not returned in an API call to get user details
  • Fixed issue that Video Proxy Service was not able to access proxy files in 2021.5.2 because of an incorrect parameter name in the service-support initialisation object
  • Fixed the NPE thrown when (re)indexing variants without metadata definitions (dummy metadata)
  • Backported fix that Republish Player icon does not appear on the asset powerbar after running Publish Player action
  • Set the behavior for sorting search results that return missing values. When sorting in ascending order, missing values appear first and when sorting in descending order, missing values appear at the end.
  • Fixed an issue where dummy metadata fields are not transformed with var-???- prefixes prior to indexing by applying the same transformations to dummy metadata that are applied to real metadata
  • To search for exact matching of metadata field in a specific metadata definition you must use var-xxx- prefix in the FQL query
  • Fixed issue that JEF Copy action is failing
  • Fixed issue that searching with any value for ;originalFileName =, Flex Enterprise API returnsthis error: “SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet”
  • Fixed an issue that quotas cannot not be disabled
  • Fixed an issue where sorting in FQL using DESC or ASC returns an error
  • Fixed an issue where player in Reviewer is not playing media asset in a satellite deployment test environment
  • Fixed an issue where subtitles are not available when playing assets in Reviewer player

Enhancements in FlexMAM

  • Timeline comments sorting options updated to Newest/Oldest and Timestamp In in ascending/descending order. Sorting by Timestamp Out has been removed.
  • Support of multiple sorting on tables in admin app and sorting on a Bulk Asset table column backported to 2021.5.3
  • Tags and taxons are displayed with a strike-through on Search Listing and on Metadata Form

Fixed issues in FlexMAM

  • Fixed an issue that Clipbin functions do not work - 2021.5.3 env
  • Fixed a regression that the Download icon in the Manage page right panel could not be clicked
  • Fixed a regression that taking and starting tasks in FMP was not working and gave an error
  • Fixed an issue so that the Marker tab in summary panel is displayed for assets which had ‘Purge File Only’ action executed on them
  • Fixed an issue that the Date picker remains blank when a date format is not defined for a user account profile in admin app
  • Fixed an issue where selecting Search with typeahead variable in the Metadata Summary tab does not add a search chip
  • Fixed a regression issue where the Save button in Edit Template is not enabled if Share this template checkbox value is changed


Enhancements in Dalet Flex

  • Add support for tif extension on TIFF files
  • Support NBSP UTF-8 character in VFS
  • Support FFV1 codec and fix de-interlacing and interlace passthrough
  • Support mix-down of unknown source channel formats and provide new channel split profile feature
  • Add reorder function to Collections in the SDK
  • Image sequence TAR file verification
  • Add workflow definition’s concurrent workflow limit in exported xml
  • When not directly searching annotations, return up to a maximum of “n” annotations, instead of all of them
  • Update events generated by Tag Service for tag rename / enabled / disabled.
  • Support for STL Subtitles
  • Ability to Update Start Time Code using the JEF SDK

Fixed Issues in Dalet Flex

  • TTF and .OFT files should be categorised as Text Asset insted of Media Asset
  • Collections type is not available in Create variant
  • Large, gzipped file based result was not being created before source was deleted
  • Searching for a tag is not working when backed by a thesaurus
  • Flex Workflows API: Error while fetching workflow variables when an object variable is present in workflow
  • workflowsInProgress count at account level is incorrect in quotas/workflow api
  • Job gets failed when try to update image seq data using groovy for updateAsset method
  • Incorrect records returned for =NULL condition on nested fields
  • Disabling a Tag removes it from the asset’s metadata form in FMP
  • SAML Authentication: Default workspace and Member Workspace are not assigned to external user
  • Fix asset context format, width, and height on published image assets
  • Add missing AnnotationAPIQuery parameters
  • Tech metadata extraction failure - Error with job: [500 Internal Server Error] during [PUT]
  • flex-jobasyncexecutor-service throwing up error and jobs timing out
  • Object variables are set to be String variables when using JEF script actions
  • NullPointerException when setting tags in metadata
  • ttf & .oft file-type support in Web Transfer
  • Error on Import action with HLS asset
  • assetContext is not populated in API
  • Import ISO Broadcast] Failing on job node, activated auto retry not happening
  • Sort function on the ASSET column on My Tasks not properly sorting the tasks
  • SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet

Enhancements in FlexMAM

  • Change bulk marker metadata edit columns
  • Display disabled tag and taxon with a strike-through on Metadata Form
  • Add a default sort column to the custom table templates
  • Sync filter chips with new search criteria

Fixed issues in FlexMAM

  • Markers are not getting created in FMP
  • Keyframe extraction, pooling inefficient
  • Asset selection slow after 2021.5.1 upgrade
  • Audio Meters stop working after upgrade
  • UI issue on manage page right panel
  • Year can’t be selected for date filter
  • Name display discrepancy between app switcher icon and browser tab for Operational Dashboard


Enhancements Dalet Flex

  • Improved handling of search queries in Flex Core GUI
  • Increase taxon maximum length to 100 characters
  • Add support for auto-scaling use case for Stream Processor Service
  • A call to retrieve children under a UDO sorts the children when returning the results
  • Sub fields of complex objects (tag/taxonomy/thesaurus) are filtered out when creating a template or selecting a field from a chip filter in a search.
  • Enabling/Disabling a tag generates an Enable/Disable event
  • Extract aspect ratio and scan information from frame decoding if it is not available in the MP4 wrapper information. If no information is extracted use SAR 1:1 and Progressive by default.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect objectUUID for collections was passed in the Event Data
  • FFP controller nodes in Kubernetes can execute subsets of these job types: settags, archive, restore, restore-poll (internal job type)
  • Ability to set quotas to limit concurrency at the workflow level added
  • Support for STL Subtitles
  • Support searching for tag metadata fields that have backing store of type Thesaurus
  • Method added to get/set the data of a resource item. Maximum file size to retrieve is 30MB
  • Support for Partial File Retrieval with Spectra Logic Black Pearl added
  • Support for job persistency if flex-BlackPearl-service restarts/ there is a network outage while performing archive/restore with Spectra Logic Black Pearl
  • Alias Mapping Resource added to Import Action to resolve conflict if multiple alias paths match the Source VFS Location.
  • Identical aliasName/aliasVFSLocation on the same account is not supported. To prevent clashes, configurations are validated on saving a Resource.
  • Support of datacenter and tags for FSP action and resource plugins : Extract Technical Metadata, Extract Keyframe, Extract Tiled Keyframe, Audio Waveform, Image Transcode (FSP), Segmented Proxy and Create Composition Proxy, Demux, Transcode and File Processor Resource and FileProcessor plugins (tar, untar, copy, move, cloudarchive, cloudrestore)
  • Comments on Assets and UDOs in MySQL database are migrated to ArangoDb and removed from the MIO_VARIABLE_COMMENT table in MySQL
  • FPS indicates it is DOWN if Redis disconnects or dependent services (secrets-service) are unavailable
  • Remove consul KV: accountFileVfsEnabled
  • Compiler warnings removed from Hot Folder service logs
  • Added the ability to specify job types to execute in job-to-completion mode
  • Workflow graphs can be saved without making any changes in the workflow design.
  • Improvements made to prevent polling failures in hot folders
  • FastObject returns the format name when searching the assetContext.formatContext.format field
  • Added Collection Deleted to event handler filters and removed legacy Collections reference
  • Fixed error in Flex Stream Processor Error: Truncated input file detected as output duration.
  • Improved Business Intelligence plugin. Optimized Elastic Search index rollover size to 1 GB (configurable via KV), added minimum retention period configurable via the plugin (default of 90 days), multiple URLs and ports supported for the Elastic Search cluster.

Fixed Issues Dalet Flex

  • Fixed an issue where hotfolders on different storage resources needed to be regularly restarted otherwise they got stuck
  • Inconsistent format and Video Stream Information between core and FlexMAM for AS02 Assets 
  • Fixed an issue so that the duration of an asset in CoreUI is consistent with duration in FMP
  • A user can only add assets visible in a workspace to a collection in that workspace
  • Fixed an issue where Mpeg Dash proxy added to a sequence does not work.
  • Fixed an issue using an extract action for Alibaba Cloud Storage
  • Missing authorization logic, in particular regarding visibility, has been implemented in flex-authorisation-service
  • Fixed an issue where Business Intelligence creates 3 primary and 3 replica shards per index
  • Fixed an issue where Publish job for assets in GCP fails with google-api-client IllegalStateException
  • Fixed an issue where Flex Core returned a bitrate for data streams
  • Fixed issue where Metadata definitions and variant tab were not accessible after assigning permissions via Group Role. User permissions are checked with authorization api call.
  • Improved FSP code handling of alpha channels in RGB formats to prevent issues with transcode
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Timecode was taken from last decoded frame in asset technical metadata and used for the SOM
  • Start timecode was showing N/A, now defaults to 00:00:00:00
  • Mediainfo parsing was not handling stream seeking
  • Improved support for expression language in JEF event handlers
  • MOV file with EIA 708 captions were not handled properly by ffmpeg 
  • Removed unsupported webvtt text stream templating in MP4 and HLS profiles 
  • Upgrade migration script failing for collections with more than 1000 items
  • Fixed issue that FFP did not pick the correct datacenter when a tag and a datacenter name were set for FFP resource
  • Fixed the issue where items in a collection are not visible in Search results when a collection has been shared with “modify” permissions 
  • Support for naming of HLS output streams has been reinstated in transcode profiles
  • Fixed an issue where some image sequences wre not available in FMP after upgrade because of an error in indexing
  • FSP in job mode can sometimes consume more than one job and not exit
  • Fixed an issue where searching with Starts with and Ends with returned incorrect results
  • Fixed an issue where wait jobs were not being completed even if all the signals have been received. Wait job is completed if signal is given via Groovy script.
  • Transaction timedout error when job run for longer time - i,e, import from s3 to s3 also for 40 GB file. Fixed an issue where long running jobs were failing because of an acknowledgement timeout limit on RabbitMQ
  • Proxies were not playing in FlexMAM when the filename contained whitespaces 
  • Fixed an issue where Wizard metadata added to a UDO was duplicated in FlexMAM
  • Fixed error while saving event handlers with expressions
  • Fixed issue of .error spamming when open MioObject pages in UI
  • Fixed issue where the Mime Type was not being displayed correctly when performing an import action on a pdf file

Enhancements FlexMAM

  • When a template is updated from being shared or inactivated, the out of the box default template is reset as the default Template in FlexMAM and in the FMP Admin app.
  • Upload icon in FMP is only available for users who have Upload permissions
  • Is not empty search filter condition is display completely
  • Fixed an issue so that the duration of an asset in FMP is consistent with duration in CoreUI
  • Added the ability to sort the notifications task list by Oldest/Newest Created Date and Ascending/Descending Asset Name
  • A tooltip is displayed in the notifications task list when an asset name is too long
  • Type ahead table header filter to add additional search chips is displayed properly when the chips bar is multiline.
  • Multiple column sorting added (maximum 2 columns)

Fixed Issues FlexMAM

  • Clips created form a collection item are only added to the Bin/active Working Collection
  • Fixed an issue where blank options were displayed in a drill down option field
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the All drop down in the searchbar refreshed the search results
  • Fixed an issue where asset selection was not updating properly when switching between assets after opening assets in the manage assets page
  • Added space in the GUI between the All drop down menu and the chip bar in advanced search
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit filter box for the Created in the Marker listing page at column was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong tooltip was displayed when hovering over workflow notifications
  • Fixed an issue where the Mark with metadata icon was not displayed below the player
  • Fixed an issue where scrubbing on the progress bar on the player was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the search queries using the Is Not dateand duration filter were not working
  • Fixed an issue where the Manage page was not loading well for placeholder media assets
  • FlexMAM search performance for single-select fields improved.


Enhancements Dalet Flex

  • Account Storage: Metadata Storage is released and mandatory
  • Account Storage: MasterAccount: available for theme images, UDO, user icons, report templates
  • Account Storage: MasterAccount migration script available for theme images, UDO, User icons Reports
  • Improved the stability of the Flex job queue.
  • Improved Flex Service health checks.
  • Added database constraints against null parent.
  • Improved logging for extract Waveform actions.
  • The Flex filestore migration scripts have been improved to better handle files with no extension at the end.
  • Improved support for expression language in JEF event handlers.
  • Cleaned up B2B API response for group assets.
  • Added support for Groovy’s XML MarkupBuilder in the new Flex SDK.
  • Added support for Groovy’s JsonSlurper in the new Flex SDK.
  • JEF: added support for Spring Expressions on Date fields (dd-MMM-yyyy).
  • JEF: Added support for Spring Expressions on transcode plugin clipping configuration (“00:00:10:00@23.976” or “00:00:10:00@29.97(DF)”).
  • Improved processing speed of extracting audio waveforms for assets with many audio streams.
  • Increased taxon maximum length to 100 characters.
  • Improved stability during full reindexes.
  • Added support for uploading PAC subtitle files in FlexMOVE.
  • Legacy collections have now been removed (previously deprecated).
  • Added JEF examples
  • Added ability to extract Technical Metadata as a file (tgz).
  • Extracting technical metadata on image sequences now follows standard workflow conventions.
  • Improved support for clipping assets with b-frames
  • Improved progress reporting in the Flex Stream Processor
  • Index asset membership information fields “membershipName” and “index” in ElasticSearch
  • Added option to Purge File Only action to allow preservation of technical metadata
  • Support AS02, IMF, CPL, and Image Sequence assets in FlexREVIEW
  • Updated default landing page after set password, reset password, etc. to be FlexMAM instead of Enterprise
  • Added support for Publishing CPL Assets
  • Added timeout for Redis locks during reindexing
  • Improved support for audio channel mixing for assets with many channels and non-standard audio streams
  • Improved health checks for Java based microservices
  • Added metadata designer to support thesaurus-backed tag fields
  • Improved support for storage mappings in asset API call /api/assets
  • Resource Storage Mapping: reconciliation using alias (Import, AssetUpdate…)
  • Improved support for importing IMF Packages from Hot Folders
  • Improved stability of Tar Import jobs while retrying
  • Added Flex ProjectAsset as a new asset type (more support coming soon)
  • Storage Resources can now support for more than one parent (e.g. both HotFolder and Folder Resource)
  • Improved handling of inconsistent Timecode and Start Time values extracted from media assets
  • Improved data validations during metadata merge operations

Fixed Issues Dalet Flex

  • Fixed an issue where the Flex search services caused an error in FlexMAM.
  • Fixed an issue where a new user email directed to Flex core returns a service error message due to permission level.
  • Fixed an issue where creating TAR jobs was returning 404 and asset not found errors.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting DESC was not working properly for tags (String Array) in fql request.
  • Fixed an issue where indexing errors were causing assets to be not found in FMP.
  • Fixed an issue where asset Syndications API response says ‘no records’ despite records being returned.
  • Fixed an issue where the waveforms of audio assets are not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the attachment migration tool changed the file name after migration.
  • Fixed an issue where proxies stored on S3 were not playing in the FlexREVIEW.
  • Fixed an issue where Flex was not displaying any assets.
  • Fixed an issue where DASH asset durations were only accurate to the second (rounded down).
  • Fixed an issue where files were not deleted from their package asset when a purge action was run.
  • Fixed an issue where no results are returned when a free text search contains a comma.
  • Fixed an issue where published metadata-images disappear from publish API response of UDO after republishing UDO with “Republish metadata-images = false”.
  • Fixed an issue where an extract waveform job fails when an s3 folder is set in Account Metadata.
  • Improved stability when indexing technical metadata for certain assets.
  • Fixed an issue where using the tasks API endpoint was returning an error during a reindex.
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin app was ignoring user permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where keyframe size was inflated when importing from JPGs

Enhancements FlexMAM

  • The FlexMAM now supports multiplicity (e.g. 0..1, 0..*, etc) on drill-down fields.
  • User Defined Object memberships can now be viewed on the Group asset membership tab.
  • Timecodes are now displayed as time@framerate instead of time,framerate.
  • Attachments are now listed in the relationship tab for Group and Package assets, and user defined objects.
  • The Technical metadata and Markers tabs will no longer be displayed for Placeholder assets.
  • Enhanced search filter chip experience.
  • App switcher will now only display the Admin app icon if user has permission to access it.
  • Added the ability to make drill-down metadata fields read-only

Fixed Issues FlexMAM

  • Fixed an issue where video assets inside a Group asset shows a duration of 00:00:00.
  • Fixed an issue where the Marker edit button from the search view does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where timeline markers were not available on package assets.
  • Fixed an issue where image asset thumbnails are not displayed for image assets.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking ‘x’ icon in the search bar changes search text to ‘undefined’ instead of clearing it.
  • Fixed an issue where saving metadata was removing Key-Value and Multiplicity 0..* fields.
  • Fixed an issue where the download icon is not available for assets, child assets and attachments after assigning permission via group role permission.