Ooyala Flex Media Platform 2019.8.0 Release Notes 2019-09-02

Ooyala is excited to present the August 2019 release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform, 2019.8.0.

This release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides the new features, quality enhancements, fixes, and other changes listed below.


  • Introduction of the Extract Keyframe Plugin utilising the FSP resource
  • Wizard run-rules to support Collections


  • Flex Enterprise base image switch to OpenJDK
  • Upgraded to Spring boot 2

New Features and Enhancements

Collection Service

  • Wizard run-rules to now supports Collections
  • Collection service now lists items based on types


  • Added support for generating waveform from assets on GCS
  • Asset publishing syndication locations are now configurable
  • Removed timecode display from Enterprise video Player
  • Exposed a REST API endpoint to GET an asset syndication
  • Password reset email now states the time at which the link expires
  • Extract Tiled Keyframe Plug-in using FSP Extraction (JEF Action)
  • Extract Technical Metadata to use Transcode Resource in configuration

Image Proxy Service

  • Client discovery during runtime for video and image proxy services
  • Added VFS Library support to Image Proxy service

MAM Application

  • Introduced the user ability to set 1-minute increments by in the time selector

Resolved Issues

  • Hot folder service - Fixed an issue where FTP sessions would disconnect simultaneously every time hot folder is polled
  • Enterprise - Fixed an issue where events triggered when attaching files in metadata does not include reference to modified metadata
  • Flex Publish Service – Fixed an issue where migration breaks on mapping explosion
  • Flex Publish Service – Fixed an issue where Publish job fails when publishing asset with Attachments = Yes
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where SDK Context Log messages are not displayed unless the job executes successfully
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where users temporarily lose workspace access in Enterprise
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where YouTube plugin reports an incorrect error message when token is invalid
  • Flex Stream Processor Service – Fixed an issue where Extract Technical Metadata resulted in failure
  • Flex Transcode Resource Service – Fixed an issue where new Extract Plugin was not recognising ProRes codec returned from FSP
  • Flex Metadata Commons Library – Fixed an issue where Key/Value Metadata field type truncates data
  • Flex MAM Application – Fixed an issue where MAM Attachment Files are renamed upon download
  • Flex MAM Application – Fixed an issue where user was unable to search by date-type metadata fields in MAM

Known Issues

A known issue in this release limits integration with 3rd party products including Ateme Titan FILE and AWS Elemental Server, this has since been resolved in both Flex 2019.8.3 and Flex 2019.11.0, and later releases.

Please contact your Ooyala representative for the full upgrade notes, further information about this release, and the complete list of resolved issues.