Ooyala Flex Media Platform 2019.7.0 Release Notes 2019-07-26

Ooyala is proud to present the July 2019 release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform, 2019.7.0.

This release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides the new features, quality enhancements, fixes, and other changes listed below.


  • Introduced new Flex Video Proxy Service
  • Introduced zero-downtime re-indexing capability
  • Upgraded Elastic Search to version 7.2.0

New Features and Enhancements

Video Proxy Service

This new service was introduced to enable flexible proxy playback within the OoyalaMAM from mounted file store or cloud storage platforms, including Azure, GCS and Amazon S3. The new service supports the following use cases:

  • Resolution of proxy VFS file location into HTTP URLs;
  • Serving media assets that are located on a mounted file store;
  • Proxying of media assets that are located on cloud object storage (S3, GCS, AZBS);
  • Support for progressive MP4 (byte range download), HLS, MPEG-DASH in all supported storage locations;
  • Security implemented through the validation of a Flex authentication JWT;
  • VFS location secrets resolution through the flex-secrets-service.

Configuration Manager (CM)

  • Added the ability to Save dependency file to reference later on commit/others
  • Added the ability to resolve Variant references in Metadata Definition
  • Added the ability to enable/disable actions, resources, workflow definitions, accounts, users on commit


  • Support for ‘+’ character in the username field in the user profile
  • Added support for byte range proxy playback in File, S3, AZBS and GCS
  • Updated application and IdP logout behavior in SAML
  • Increased default login token expiry time to 60 mins
  • Flex-Collection – parameter to get public and private Collections added to the end point.
  • Zero Downtime Reindexing
  • Upgraded Index service Search service to Spring Boot 2
  • Created new “full reindex” endpoint, to kick off full reindex
  • Now displays limit, page, totalCount in footer of REST response while searching through search Elastic
  • Added an endpoint to return details of which metadata fields are searchable

Job Execution Framework (JEF)

  • Added JEF Transcode Resource
  • Implemented dynamic task scheduling
  • Added JAE and TranscodeResource to support userActId on API requests


  • Upgraded to Spring Boot 2

Flex Stream Processor (FSP) Service

  • Added support for HLS output for FSP stitching
  • Added the ability to return transcode queue info
  • Added support for audio only trimming and stitching
  • Added support for stitching ProRes Format in Flex Transcoding Profiles (FSP)

Resolved Issues

  • Password reset message template user name corrected
  • Flex CM (Configuration Manager) Application - Introduce skipValidation field to skip reference validation when taxonomies are configured
  • Flex Enterprise - Fixed an issue with Facebook plugin token auth attempts that get blocked
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where searching by metadata fails to return result if values contains a comma
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue when saving GCS storage resource configuration
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where the user still sees the default workspace, even if it has been removed
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed Heapspace issues in flex-master
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an error where Reviewer sessions were not being closed
  • Flex MAM Application – Fixed an issue where MAM Clip summary table displays zero based timecode
  • Flex MAM Application – Fixed an issue where Audio Start Code displayed in MAM does not match Core
  • Flex MAM Application – Fixed an issue where MAM GUI does not match actual proxy SOF
  • Flex Search Elastic Service – Fixed an issue where an error occurs if you attempt to search against a metadata field that has no objects using it

Please contact your Ooyala representative for the full upgrade notes, further information about this release, and the complete list of resolved issues.