Ooyala Flex Media Platform 2019.12.0 Release Notes 2019-12-31

Ooyala is excited to present the December 2019 release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform, 2019.12.0.

This release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides the new features, quality enhancements, fixes, and other changes listed below.


  • Introduction of the Flex File Scan Service to provide anti-virus scanning
  • Multisite - Multiple copies of keyframes and assets (proxies)
  • Improvements to the Web Transfer application reliability

General / Operational

  • Consul upgrade
  • RabbitMQ upgrade
  • Elasticsearch upgrade
  • azure.upload.block.size is now configurable

New Features and Enhancements

Configuration Manager (CM)

  • CM Taxonomies: add, update and commits all Taxons under Taxonomies


  • Deprecated legacy scripting plugins (retained by a feature-toggle for a period of time, disabled by default)
  • All resources available to an account are now visible
  • All actions available to an account are now visible
  • Keyframe folder support for multiple copies with dynamic selection policy
  • DB pruner now removes mio-object-variables rows holding workflow variable data
  • Added new API end points with all validation for EventQuery
  • Fast Object Service: Now supports fetching taxonomies with UUID
  • Introduction of a new service that scans uploaded files for viruses and malware
  • Hot Folder Service: Use spring scheduler for resource polling
  • Refactored Brightcove external ID naming format
  • JEF Extract Technical Metadata Action updated to include progress

Operations Dashboard

  • Updated Operations Dashboard to no longer display deleted and inactive workspaces

Stream Processor Service (FSP)

  • Expose channel mix parameters to allow the specification of audio mixing
  • Allow transcode profiles which are in template style to specify audio streams without channel count
  • Support for transcode job using DPX file sequence

Web Transfer Application

  • Web transfer app reliability improvements

Resolved Issues

  • Flex Enterprise: Fixed an issue where && in groovy script action translated into &&
  • Hot Folder Service: Fixed an issue where segmented media assets in a hot folder resource could not be deleted
  • Flex Stream Processor Service: Fixed an issue were transcode jobs were failing intermittently
  • Enhanced error message display for 400 Bad Request error
  • Flex MAM Application: Fixed an issue where assets were not showing when there was more than 25 group assets

Known Issues

Users of the Workflow Designer Application are required to clear their browser cookies, otherwise users may find it is no longer possible to modify workflow definitions in the application after upgrading to this release.

Please contact your Ooyala representative for the full upgrade notes, further information about this release, and the complete list of resolved issues.