Ooyala Flex Media Platform 2019.11.0 Release Notes 2019-11-22

Ooyala is excited to present the November 2019 release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform, 2019.11.0.

This release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides the new features, quality enhancements, fixes, and other changes listed below.


  • Brightcove Plug-In
  • Support for the Flex Video Proxy Service in the legacy Flex MAM application
  • Support in Flex MAM and OoyalaMAM for MPEG-DASH assets and packages

General / Operational

  • Upgrade of Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) stack

New Features and Enhancements

Authentication Service

  • Moved security settings to Account metadata
  • Add tenantId to request user

Configuration Manager (CM)

  • Migration: Taxonomy: UUID will now be added to existing records
  • Change offset delta time: lastModifiedOffsetSecond


  • Replaced Flex file store with account storage/folder resources
  • Added support for MPEG DASH assets in Flex and OoyalaMAM.
  • Added ability to pass a cancel command into FSP after a JEF job has been submitted
  • Added signed URL support for Azure blob storage
  • Replaced list of VfsLocations with Storage Resource list in hot folder config to simplify configuration
  • Added WaitingForLock and TimedOut status parameters to /jobs API
  • Web Transfer: Application refactored to improve reliability and maintainability
  • Added support for HEVC Technical Metadata extraction

Index Elastic Service

  • Timecode mapping
  • Upgraded ElasticSearch to latest (7.4.x at the time of writing)
  • KeyValue metadata entries now return as an object rather than an array

JEF Plugins

  • Added New Publish to Brightcove JEF Plugin

Flex MAM Application

  • Added support for the Flex Video Proxy Service in Flex MAM

Operations Dashboard

  • Removed unconstrained time filters to improve application performance

Stream Processor Service (FSP)

  • Deprecated support for sync jobs
  • Added Timecode Overlay filter support for FSP
  • Provided ability to delete inactive jobs
  • Improved debug output for local (non-production) deploy

Resolved Issues

  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where the Finish & Quit button cannot be used to finish a task
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where workflows are stuck after node status completed (Job Scheduler Fails)
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where Ateme and Elemental transcode resources were not starting
  • Flex Enterprise – Fixed an issue where expression evaluation was not working for API
  • Flex FastObject Service – Fixed an issue where UDOs could not be retrieved if its UDOT is deleted
  • Flex Hot Folder Service – Fixed an issue where Hot folder was not picking up jobs
  • Flex Index Elastic Service - Full Re-index batch operation silently exits
  • Flex Index Elastic Service – Fixed an issue where an indexing call may stall in some instances
  • Flex Publish Indexer Service - UDO Publish and Unpublish actions must be
  • Flex Stream Processor Service - copy codec should be supported for timeline clip in transcodes

Please contact your Ooyala representative for the full upgrade notes, further information about this release, and the complete list of resolved issues.